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Caputi's Break Even Bottle Club

     Break even bottle clubs have existed privately for many years throughout the world of wine and spirits aficionados.  The concept is fairly simply. The first criteria is to find a very special or expensive bottle that fits within the interests of a group.  Once you've attained the prized liquid, whether its an old bottle of wine, a super aged whiskey, or an out of production spirit with a fascinating back story, you split the cost. The result being an ounce or two of liquid from a bottle that nobody in their right mind would buy for their own back bar. By splitting up one of these "unicorn" bottles if you will, the group is able to experience something totally unique with like minded company.
    Our staff and close friends have been holding private break even bottle club nights for the past few years, and we've finally decided its time to try and bring this experience to our customers. Sourcing everything from mid 1800's Madeira, to early 1900's Armagnac, we'll be offering a one of a kind limited drinking experience for a fraction of the regular cost.  It's a way for us to give back to our loyal customers, and provide a drinking experience they might never have otherwise.  

You can expect the following.
1. A very limited, old, or super aged spirit
2. Great company.
3.To pay exactly what we paid per ounce

The first iteration will take place at Caputi's Sheridan Pub,  Wednesday, June 6th at 7PM. Stay tuned for next weeks announcement on the actual Break Even Bottle through our whiskey club group and E-mail list


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