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October's Blind Tasting Results!

Blind Tasting Results

Hey everyone. Last meeting I conducted a blind tasting to see how the age of three bourbons corresponded to their overall reception. I asked participants to try a four, eight, and twelve year old bourbon blind, and then rank them in order of their favorites.

Although ideally this would be done with the exact same whiskey at the 3 different age statements, I picked three that were similar mashbills and proofages to the best of my ability. They were:

IW Harper (4 years old), Jim Beam Black Label (8 Years old), and Elijah Craig (12 Years old)

Well, I tallied up the results and the overwhelming favorite was the longest aged bourbon. The Elijah Craigh 12 year old got 10 first place votes out of 18 total tasters. The complete results are as follows:

IW Harper (4 Yr)
1) 4
2) 7
3) 7

Beam Black (8 yr)
1) 4
2) 7
3) 7

Elijah Craig (12 Yr)
1) 10
2) 4
3) 4

Interesting that the Harper and Beam got identical ranks, and its not too surprising that the oldest whiskey was the consensus top pick. These tastings are meant to be fun and I appreciate all those that take the time to participate. Thanks and I hope to see some of you tonight for the next installment.

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