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Jan D - "This place is the best! They have the friendliest, most knowledgeable staff of any store I've ever been in. The location is ideal - access from Sheridan, NFB & Eggert. I have two liquor stores closer to my home, (1 larger & 1 smaller), but I always go the extra few miles to shop here. I recommend Caputi's to everyone."

Marina S -" I really like this liquor store. They never feel pretentious like some liquor stores get and they always help me find something new and different to try. I've come in for a few of their wine sampling days and always end up finding something I really like."

Jim C - "These folks are really great! They talk to you like you're a regular person and not an ignorant boob! They will help you make a selection and are happy to do carry outs!
I can not say enough nice things about this place"

Brooke R - "Went for beverages for a Bills game asked randomly about local bourbon and scotch, very knowledgeable staff. The owner let us have a taste and found something new we were interested in. I have never had someone who was more helpful and interested in just sharing knowledge. Was a very good experience and would recommend this place to anyone."

Nick P - "These guys are a stellar, consistent performer in both customer service and selection. My buddies and I bourbon/whiskey/scotch drinkers and this stores selection is above average, if not the best locally I've seen in Western New York. It probably helps that they have a Bourbon Club (proud member here) and everyone who works there knows their stuff.
Not only that, the wine selection is vast and well organized.
Lastly - but most importantly, this is a family owned business and there isn't a better group of father and sons in business in WNY than the Family Caputi."

Aly P - "This is a really great liquor store. They have a good selection of wine and liquor, the shelves are pretty much always brimming with bottles, it's easy to find an inexpensive-yet-tasty bottle of wine, they have reasonable hours, and the staff has never been anything but awesome to me. They're always friendly, frequently offer to help if you look like you're having trouble navigating, and aren't afraid to tell you where to go if you need a specialty item they don't carry. They also seem to frequently run promos (foursquare, yelp, etc) that the staff honors without missing a beat. I happily spend my money here again and again."